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The Birmingham Police Department is committed to transparency and providing information to community members. We invite you to explore the 2020 End of Year Report, which includes a letter from Chief of Police Patrick D. Smith and Mayor Randall L. Woodfin in addition to information regarding crime and traffic statistics, community engagement, special programs, COVID-19 impact, tributes to officers injured in the line of duty, officers honored and messages of thanks to community members and federal partners.







The Birmingham Police Department released the following Accountability Booklet in June 2020 in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office, developed an accountability booklet with detailed information regarding disciplinary actions, policies, community engagement, accolades, how to file a complaint and a special message from the Chief of Police. We invite you to explore the various topics to learn more about how BPD serves you.











BPD implements the following training regarding racial bias, de-escalation and communication: Procedural Justice, De-Escalation, Interpersonal Communications, and Being Bilingual on the Beat. The courses listed are taught during the Birmingham Police Academy, along with abbreviated versions during in-service training. The courses are taught via PowerPoint and role-playing in an environment where asking questions and gaining understanding is encouraged.

Birmingham Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Procedural Justice

The objectives of the course are to understand implicit bias and its influence on behaviors in a universal context and in a policing context, create a shared language to bridge the divide between law enforcement and the communities they serve, engage in dialogues that build empathy and increase self-reflection, empower the officer with tools to improve the way they respond to situations vulnerable to bias, and understand the role history has played in hindering legitimacy in some communities.


This course is meant to enhance officer safety, enhance/create partnerships with the community & public at large, generate voluntary compliance when applicable, and lessen on the job and personal stressors.

Interpersonal Communications

The objectives of the course are to enlighten the officers of the benefits of effective communication, the elements of communication and their percentages.  There is also discussion about the Use of Force Continuum and professionalism.  Obstacles to listening are acknowledged, along with ways to overcome the obstacles. Conflict resolution strategies are also discussed.

Being Bilingual on the Beat

Although, the course will not and does not make an officer fluent in Spanish, it gives the officers communication tools and key Spanish phrases they are likely to encounter and use with a Spanish-speaking citizen that does not speak English.