Lieutenant Raymond Cochran

Lieutenant Raymond Cochran serves as the Executive Commander of the Birmingham Police Department Vice/ Narcotics Unit which is a part of the Detective Division. Lieutenant Cochran assists the commander of Vice/narcotic with daily operation in various fields of crime fighting. The unit is responsible for Gambling, Prostitution, Property Abatement, Business Licenses, Drug Enforcement, Phone Harassment, Technical Enforcement, Money and Vehicle Seizures and Citizen Policing.

Lieutenant Cochran was born and raised in Birmingham. He currently has over 31 years of law enforcement experience, all with the City of Birmingham Police Department. Lieutenant Cochran started his career as an officer at East Precinct, where he working as a beat officer to several community, mainly the Woodlawn and Gate City area. From there he transition over to the Tactical Unit as a Solo-Motor. As a member of the tactical unit, he assigned duties were, traffic accident Investigator, Fatality Investigator, V.I. P. escort, traffic Control Officer, Unit Fund Manager, Event Coordinator, Hit and Run Detective and SWAT Team member. As a member of the SWAT, he served on the entry and arrest team. He also served on several committees for the unit, to include, Quality Circle and Accident review.

He was promoted to Sergeant in 2006 and was reassigned to North Precinct. There he served as Shift Book Supervisor/ Time Keeper, Burglary Task Force supervisor, Rapid Response Team Supervisor, Event Sergeant, Training Sergeant, Equipment Sergeant, Precinct FTO Coordinator, Accreditation Supervisor, Precinct Range Coordinator, Precinct Shift Assignment Coordinator, Precinct Vehicle Supervisor and Personnel Sergeant. In 2013, he was transferred to the Community Service Division. There he had similar duties, with the addition of Explorer Supervisor, Police Athletics Team Leader and GREAT Coordinator.

In 2015, then Sergeant Cochran was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred back to the Tactical Unit as the Executive Commander overseeing the same duties he served in as an officer in the unit, but adding the operational responsibilities of the Mounted Patrol Unit, the Freeway Unit, and the Bomb Technicians. Lieutenant Cochran also served as the commander of the Tactical Unit (December 2016 – May2017), during the retirement transition of the commander. Lieutenant Cochran was briefly transferred to West Precinct, as the morning Shift Commander, before being re-assignment to Vice/Narcotics.

Lieutenant Cochran is a retired veteran of 29 years with the United State Military (Army Reserves), deploying twice, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom. He also assisted in Operation Desert Storm.

Lieutenant Cochran hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Miles College. He has also completed all required leadership training from the military, PLDC, BNCOC and ANCOC.

Lieutenant Cochran was baptized at an early age, and has remained a loyal member of the same church ever since, First Missionary Baptist. He is a divorce father, who has remained active in the up bring of his kids.