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Media Release 139- Armed Robbery Crime Stoppers Arrests

BPD Highlights Armed Robbery Crime Stoppers Arrests

BPD Robbery detectives have achieved great success in their investigations due to our community partners, Crime Stoppers, and members within our many communities.

Since December 2023, BPD Robbery detectives have made arrests MONTHLY resulting in 7 armed robbery suspects being taken into custody.

 7330 1st Avenue North (Family Dollar Business Robbery) 12-10-23

  1. Tywaun Fisher, (19), of Birmingham, Alabama. Robbery 1st   
  2. Demontez Porter, (30), of Birmingham, Alabama. Robbery 1st

 1335 Bessemer Road (Family Dollar Business Robbery) 01-04-24

  1. Demetrius Dial-Gaines, (30), of Birmingham, Alabama. Robbery 1st


1200 Frisco Street (Robbery of a Person) 02-20-24

  1. 16-year-old male suspect. Robbery 1st


6805 1st Avenue North (Sunoco Business Robbery) 3-13-24

  1. Ledarius Jones, (32), of Tarrant, Alabama. Robbery 1st


1901 Finley Boulevard (Robbery of a Person-3) 4-28-24

  1. Tercaria Wilburn, (25), of Center Point, Alabama. Robbery 1st Degree (5).
  2. Lexis Billups, (31), of Adamsville, Alabama. Robbery 1st Degree (5).