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Media Release 233

Assistant Chief Darnell Davenport Resigns from BPD  

dcdavenport.jpg (225×339)The Birmingham Police Department reports Assistant Chief Darnell Davenport will be stepping down as Assistant Chief in October 2021 to pursue a new opportunity in the private sector.  Assistant Chief Davenport joined the Birmingham Police Department on February 16, 2019 as Deputy Chief of the Patrol Bureau. Under Davenport’s command the Birmingham Police Department increased community engagement and saw double digit crime reduction in all part one crime categories except for homicides.   He was promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief on December 5, 2020. During his tenure with the Birmingham Police Department, Assistant Chief Davenport was responsible for crime reduction initiatives including COMPSTAT daily crime briefings, reinstating an improved Bicycle Patrol Unit, the development of the Homeless Outreach Partnership for Engagement program, and the Police Emergency Advocacy Team.  He also played an instrumental role in the development of the Real Time Crime Center that is set to become fully operational in October 2021.

Assistant Chief Davenport has dedicated his life to the field of law enforcement. He began at the age of 12 with the Wilshire Area Deputy Auxiliary Police Program and went on to an exceptional career with the Los Angeles Police Department where he achieved the rank of Police Captain. Over the course of a 33-year law enforcement career, his notable accolades include the Command Leadership Award, Purple Heart, Medal of Valor, Crime Fighter Award and many more.

The Birmingham Police Department would like to thank Assistant Chief Darnell Davenport for his service to the City of Birmingham and wish him the best on his future endeavors.


Media Release 233-Assistant Chief Resignation