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Media Release 243

Assault Investigation Update

The Birmingham Police Department reports that a suspect is in custody in connection with an assault investigation.

At approximately 8:30 a.m. on Monday September 9, 2019, the suspect entered Morgan Pediatrics located at 2010 Avenue F. Upon entering the location, the suspect began an altercation with the victim while soliciting. During the incident, the suspect began to stab the victim before he left the location on foot. The suspect was taken into custody a short distance away from the location. Birmingham Fire and Rescue transported the victim to UAB Highlands for treatment. The victim’s condition has improved and is not life threatening.

Initially BPD investigators received information that the suspect and victim were related. Further investigation revealed that although both the victim and suspect have the same last name and have met prior to the incident, they are not related.

The suspect is in custody and pending completion of warrant procedures for Assault.

Additional information will be released following warrant procedures.

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