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Media Release 321

New Year’s Eve Celebratory Gunfire

Unfortunately during New Year’s Eve some citizens choose to celebrate the New Year by irresponsibly firing guns in the air. The Birmingham Police Department reports that the Shot Spotter Gunshot Location System will be utilized to combat celebratory gunfire during New Year’s Eve. The system will aid officers by pin pointing the exact location of the gunfire. Additional officers will be on hand to assist the overlapping patrol shifts address the citizen reports and Shot Spotter System indications of those persons who choose to participate in the reckless behavior of firing guns on New Year’s Eve.

The Birmingham Police Department would like to remind the public that celebratory gunfire is illegal and causes damage to homes and other property. Celebratory gunfire can also injure people and animals. It can also fatally wound people even if they are indoors or in vehicles.

Officers at all precincts are distributing additional information to the public on the dangers of celebratory gunfire. The Birmingham Police Department ask that everyone remain safe and celebrate responsibly by not firing guns on New Year’s Eve.

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