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“Help us protect this city and its people:” BPD releases PSA regarding firearms taken off the streets

The Birmingham Police Department has taken more than 2,000 firearms off the streets of the Magic City already in 2020.

On December 9, BPD released a public service announcement showing many of the guns that were seized. The video features Public Information Officer Sgt. Rodarius Mauldin who informs the public that there are many ways people are able to obtain firearms illegally; however, one of the easiest ways is when gun owners fail to secure their firearms. He then gives the example of how it can take less than 10 seconds for someone to open an unlocked car and retrieve a firearm. That firearm could then be used to commit a host of violent crimes.

“Help us protect this city and its people,” Sgt. Mauldin said. “Make sure your firearm does not end up in the wrong hands.