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Custody Services Division

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The mission of the jail is to provide an enhanced level of service to the citizens of the Birmingham area by housing inmates through the establishment of a safe, secure facility; while maintaining humane custody, confinement and supervision.

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Cpt. Frank Alexander, Chief Jail Administrator


Visitation Schedule and Hours

Officials – upon presentation of valid identification, Attorneys, Parole and Probation Officers, and Social Workers for public or community services will be permitted to visit with a detainee at any reasonable time during day or evening hours.

Visits by clergy – upon presentation of appropriate identification (e.g., valid clergy card or ministerial credential card and driver license), members of the clergy may visit between the hours of 0900 until 11:00 and 1700 until 1900, 7 days a week.

Screen Visits – (Visits in the screened visitation area) include the detainee’s family members and friends.

Visitation for pre-trial detainees – includes those individuals who have not yet been to trial, either due to a continuance or before scheduled court dates. The schedule is as follows:

Date                          Time
Monday                      0800-1400 hours or 1530-1730 hours
Wednesday                0800-1400 hours or 1530-1730 hours
Friday                         0800-1400 hours or 1530-2000 hours

Visitation for detainees serving time – shall be from 1800-2000 hours. All visitors must sign-in between 1730 – 1930 hours. No one will be allowed to sign-in after 1930 hours. The visitation schedule for those detainees serving time is as follows:

Date                                       Time                                     Inmate’s Last Name Begins With:
Monday                                  1800-2000 hours                 A-D
Tuesday                                 1800-2000 hours                 E-H
Wednesday                            1800-2000 hours                 I-P
Thursday                                1800-2000 hours                 Q-Z
Friday                                     No visitation
Sunday                                   1230-1430 hours                 Females

Female detainees – visitation on Sundays from 1230 -1430 hours.

*The minimum age to enter the jail is 13 years old and the visit must be pre-approved by the Commander or his/her designee.

Intake of Property

Pre-trial Detainees

*Only during visitation hours:

Serving Time Detainees

Date                                    Time                                     Last Name
Monday                                  1800-2000 hours                 A-D
Tuesday                                 1800-2000 hours                 E-H
Wednesday                            1800-2000 hours                 I-P
Thursday                                1800-2000 hours                 Q-Z
Friday                                     No visitation
Sunday                                   1230-1430 hours                 Females

Approved List of Property for Intake

Inmates cannot receive shoes in the U.S. Mail. Old shoes inmates have on can be exchanged for another pair only during visitation. No mail of any kind will be taken during visitation (e.g., letters, photos, cards, etc). All prescription medication must be handled by the nurse – not the property room.

Rules of conduct

  • Cooperate with the security screening process
  • All visitors shall demonstrate quiet and orderly conduct at all times
  • Any visitor who attempts to introduce contraband or violate other criminal laws will be prosecuted