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Media Release 110- Statement From The Birmingham Police Department

Statement From The Birmingham Police Department

 “Officers and leadership of the Birmingham Police Department are very pleased and encouraged with the passing of the City’s new exhibition driving ordinance.

Our observations have shown us that one of the primary contributing factors for illegal exhibition driving is the audience or ‘spectators’. Many of them aid in blocking public roadways and entryways to private businesses, while encouraging drivers to do more extreme and dangerous acts. They also provide cover for offenders to hide from and escape from police when attempts are made to arrest these offenders. City Attorney Nicole King and her team were instrumental in collaborating with BPD to draft, what we believe to be, an effective new ordinance. This is truly a team effort, with multiple city departments working together.

We are extremely appreciative of Mayor Woodfin, who has made consistent efforts to help BPD address this issue by coordinating with our state legislators to get new laws passed in Montgomery last year. Now, with his proposed City ordinance, being supported and approved by our City Council, we have another great tool in our toolbox to combat and deter exhibition driving in our city.”

  • Deputy Chief Michael Pickett (Special Operations Bureau)