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Media Release 110- Three Injured After Patrol Car Struck on Interstate

Three Injured After Patrol Vehicle Struck on Interstate

The Birmingham Police Department reports a community member and two BPD officers are recovering after a truck ran into a BPD patrol vehicle. The incident occurred on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

At around 4:00 AM, the Birmingham 911 Communications Division received a call of a patrol vehicle struck on Interstate 59 South Near the 19th Street Exit.

Officers and medical personnel arrived on the scene and observed a Ford F150 that collided with a BPD Ford Explorer.

Birmingham Fire and Rescue (BFRS) personnel arrived on the scene and transported the driver of the Ford F-150 to a local area hospital. BFRS transported two BPD officers (male and female), who were seated in the patrol vehicle, to a local area hospital.

The community member and male officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Our female officer suffered serious injuries but is in stable condition.

Two BPD West Precinct officers were seated in their patrol vehicle blocking traffic on a separate wreck prior to this incident.

The circumstances surrounding the crash are accidental; however, BPD would like to place a focus on Alabama’s Move-Over Act (Below).

BPD wishes a speedy recovery to everyone impacted by this crash.

Alabama Move-Over Act

In 2009, Alabama passed a law (Move-Over Act) designed to protect law enforcement officers, emergency responders, tow operators and highway maintenance personnel who are conducting business on Alabama’s roadways. Alabama’s “move-over” law requires motorists to move over and slow down when they encounter emergency responders stopped roadside with emergency signals activated.

It is called the Alabama Move-Over Law (Code of Alabama – Title 32: Motor Vehicles and Traffic – Section 32-5A-58.2) and the concept is simple. If a motorist sees a vehicle on the side of the road with its emergency lights flashing (red, blue and amber), the motorist is required to move out of the lane closest to the vehicle if possible. If not safe to move over, the driver shall slow to a speed that is at least 15 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit unless otherwise directed by a law enforcement officer.’s%20%22move%2Dover%22%20law,and%20the%20concept%20is%20simple.

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Media Release 110- Three Injured After Patrol Vehicle Struck on Interstate