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Media Release 179- Officer Discharges Firearm on Shots Fired Call

Officer Discharges Firearm on Shots Fired Call

 The Birmingham Police Department would like to make the public aware of one of our officers discharging their firearm on a Shots Fired call. The incident occurred on Saturday, August 19, 2023.

At around 9:03 p.m., officers with the Birmingham Police Department’s City Wide Traffic Task Force were providing extra patrol in the 1100 Block of 3rd Avenue West when they observed an argument taking place in the roadway between a group of males.

Our officers observed an adult male fire shots at several individuals. One of our officers discharged their firearm towards the adult male shooter. Officers then detained three adult males, including the adult male shooter.

No one was injured by our officer’s gunfire nor by the adult male shooter’s gunfire.

Officers transported the three males, who were detained, to BPD Headquarters for questioning.

Assistant Chief La’Quaylin Parhm Mack along with BPD Internal Affairs investigators and BPD Felony Assault Unit detectives were on the scene.

BPD Felony Assault Unit detectives gathered facts and conducted interviews in this investigation; the adult male shooter was released based on facts our detectives learned (possible self-defense). The other two adult males were arrested and transported to the Birmingham City Jail for outstanding warrants.

At the conclusion of this investigation, BPD detectives will provide case information to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office for review.

The Birmingham Police Department is extremely thankful no one was injured during this incident.

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Media Release 179- Officer Discharges Firearm on Shots Fired Call