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Media Release 184

Robbery Spike – Social Media

Birmingham Police Department detectives within the Robbery Division have received a
sudden spike in reports involving social media websites.

Several robberies have been reported over the last two months involving social media.
During most of the cases, the victims are under the impression that they are meeting
another person to “hang out.” Once they arrive to the meet up location; however, they are
robbed at gunpoint by an unidentified person(s) who force the victims to send them money
through CashApp or PayPal.

In some cases, the victims’ vehicles have also been stolen. The victims have stated that
the person(s) who robbed them look nothing like the person pictured online.
Many of these robberies occurred at vacant or abandoned homes. BPD wants to
encourage the community to pick safe, public areas if they plan to physically meet
someone who they have only previously met online.

Most of the victims have been embarrassed to tell detectives the truth about what happened to them.
If you have any information that can help detectives or if you are a victim yourself, please
call the Robbery Division at (205) 254-1753 or you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously
at (205) 254-7777.

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Media Release 184