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Media Release 191- The Birmingham Police Department Is Committed To Building Our Women Leaders

The Birmingham Police Department Is Committed to Building Our Women Leaders

As a commitment to inspire women to reach new heights in their careers and build long-lasting relationships, the Birmingham Police Department will be hosting its 2nd Annual Women in Leadership Conference. In collaboration with the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Department, women from law enforcement and other professions will gather at the Fennec Birmingham on Monday, September 11th, to encourage and offer network opportunities to women across the region at various stages in their career fields. Topics such as mentoring, building successful careers, and more to help strengthen women looking to be leaders at their prospective organizations. This one-day conference will celebrate and recognize various monumental events such as 9/11, the 60th Commemoration of the Civil Rights Movement and National Police Women’s Day.

As a push to include and diversify opportunities for women in law enforcement at the Birmingham Police Department, Chief Scott Thurmond will sign a pledge at the women in leadership conference to encourage and show that BPD is committed to ensuring law enforcement can thrive in their careers. The 30×30 initiative was created to advance women in policing by 30% in recruitment by 2030 and offer strategies and ways to ensure that women are represented in all ranks and in an inclusive culture where women feel supported.