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Media Release 194- Incident After the Minor V. J.O. Football Game

Incident After the Minor v. J.O. Football Game

The Birmingham Police Department would like to provide information to the public about an incident that took place on Thursday, September 14, 2023, after the Minor v. J.O. football game.

The game was played at P.D. Jackson-Olin High School, located at 1300 Avenue F.

Initial contact with Minor High School’s Band Director

After the football game ended, BPD officers were in the process of clearing out the stadium. Officers observed both schools’ bands still performing. Officers spoke with both schools’ band directors to end the performance so students and attendees would leave the stadium. Officers were able to get J.O.’s band to stop performing.

Officers approached Minor High School’s (Minor) band director and then began asking him to get his band to stop performing. Minor’s band director did not comply with multiple officers’ requests to stop his band from performing; he instructed his band to continue performing.

A BPD Sergeant was among the officers who attempted to get the band director to stop his band from performing. During the officers’ interaction with Minor’s band director, the decision was made to place him in custody. BPD officers attempted to take the band director into custody for Disorderly Conduct when a physical altercation ensued between the band director, Birmingham City Schools System Security personnel, and BPD officers.

During the physical altercation, BPD officers attempted to get the band director to place his hands behind his back, but he refused. The arresting officer alleges the band director pushed him during the arrest. The arresting officer then subdued the band director with a Taser which ended the physical confrontation.

After the Arrest

Birmingham Fire and Rescue personnel treated the band director at the stadium. BPD officers then transported the band director to UAB Hospital which is standard BPD protocol after this type of incident. After being discharged from the hospital, officers transported the band director to the Birmingham City Jail where he was booked in and subsequently bonded out.

Officers presented case information to the City of Birmingham Magistrate’s Office; officers obtained the following arrest warrants: Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, and Resisting Arrest.

The Birmingham Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division investigates all incidents where an officer uses force during an arrest.

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Media Release 194- Incident After the Minor v. J.O. Football Game