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Media Release 199- BPD Releases Body-Worn Camera Footage from Magnolia Avenue Arrest

BPD Releases Body-Worn Camera Footage from Magnolia Avenue Arrest

The Birmingham Police Department would like to provide information from an arrest BPD officers made on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

At the direction of Birmingham Police Chief Scott Thurmond, we are sharing body-worn camera footage from the arrest with the public and with our media partners.

Initial Call

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at around 12:55 p.m., South Precinct officers were dispatched on report of a Disorderly Person in Underwood Park, located at 2621 10th Avenue South.

The call details stated the following: a black male wearing a black jacket and blue jeans was walking around spitting on people.

Four BPD officers responded to separate incident locations in connection with this 911 call. The responding officers will be referred to as Officers #1, #2, #3, and #4.

The suspect has been identified as:

Theodore Williams, (28), B/M, of Irondale, Alabama.

Officers Arrive on the Scene

Officers #1 and #2 responded to Underwood Park where they contacted an adult male victim.

The victim stated while he was walking in the area when he was approached by a black male wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. The victim stated the suspect spit on him.

While Officers #1 and #2 were gathering information for an incident report, Officers #3 and #4 observed Theodore Williams walking in the 2500 Block of 10th Avenue South; he matched the clothing description of the suspect.

Officers #3 and #4 approached Mr. Williams; he fled from the officers on foot. Officers #3 and #4 relayed over the police radio that Mr. Williams fled on foot.

Officers #1 and #2 got in their patrol cars and drove to the 2300 Block of 10th Avenue South where they observed Mr. Williams walking.

Officer #2 approached Mr. Williams; he stated to Officer #2 that he was going to physically assault him. Mr. Williams then struck Officer #2 with a closed fist then fled on foot.

Officer #1 pursued Mr. Williams on foot. During the foot pursuit, Officer #1 deployed his taser; however, it was unsuccessful.

Officer #1 and Mr. Williams ran westbound on Magnolia Avenue until Mr. Williams stopped in the roadway in the 2200 Block of Magnolia Avenue.

Mr. Williams then turned facing Officer #1. Officer #1 told Mr. Williams to turn around and place his hands behind his back but he refused. Mr. Williams then spit on Officer #1. Officer #1 took Mr. Williams to the ground. While on the ground, Officer #1 delivered multiple closed fist strikes to Mr. Williams; Officer #1 then applied handcuffs on him.

After the Arrest

A South Precinct sergeant responded to the 2200 Block of Magnolia Avenue. Birmingham Fire and Rescue personnel responded to the 2200 Block of Magnolia Avenue and treated Mr. Williams.

Officers placed Mr. Williams in a patrol car and then transported him to a local area hospital to be checked out by medical staff per Birmingham Police Department’s Use of Force policy.

Theodore Williams was discharged from the local area hospital and then booked in the Birmingham City Jail where he remains in custody.

Officers presented case information to the City of Birmingham’s Magistrate Office; the Magistrate’s Office issued the following arrest warrants for Theodore Williams:

Assault with Bodily Fluids, Physical Harassment, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest.

The Birmingham Police Department is committed to maintaining a positive relationship with our community through transparency and open dialogue.

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Media Release 199- BPD Releases Body-Worn Camera Footage from Magnolia Avenue Arrest