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Media Release 249-Fighting Crime In Real Time

Real Time Crime Center

The Birmingham Police Department reports the Real Time Crime Center is fully  operational as of October 19, 2021. The Real Time Crime Center utilizes technology and data driven intelligence to aid in prevention of crime and the apprehension of the offenders responsible. The technology provide immediate real time intelligence to responding officers and investigators on high risk calls for service which improves situational awareness and increase officer safety.

The Real Time Crime Center is equipped with 16 monitors on the big screen. 4 auxiliary monitors and 14 workstations. The unit will consist of sworn  officers and civilian personnel that will consist of officers, crime analyst, and a Cyber Forensics Team. Realistically we understand incidents will occur. With the new cutting-edge technology we can allocate resources quicker and more efficiently.

The Real Time Crime Center will help us to provide a safer environment for everyone to enjoy all the city has to offer with the new resources to deter crime. The Crime Center is a strength multiplier when combined with  experience of patrol officers, technology and the help of the community. The Real Time Crime Center brings the Birmingham Police Department to a new era of crime fighting.

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Media Release 249-Real Time Crime Center