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Media Release 55- Statement from Chief Scott Thurmond on Recent Homicides



The Birmingham Police Department is investigating its fourth homicide in approximately 36 hours. This is very disturbing not only for our officers and detectives, but also for our city and our community members. The Birmingham Police Department works diligently to protect all of our community members and to prevent crime from taking place whenever possible.  None of the recent homicides appear to be related. All four victims were killed by gunfire. The victims are males ranging in age from 30 to 48. We believe three of the four homicides were acquaintance-based in that the victim and suspect knew one another. Investigators are just beginning the investigation of today’s homicide, therefore little is known about the relationship between the victim and suspect at this time. All four homicides occurred in residential areas and two of the four occurred inside a residence.  Two of the homicides occurred in the street. In one of those cases, the homicide potentially occurred elsewhere with the victim being dropped off at the location where police found him.  It is extremely difficult for police to prevent or intervene before a crime occurs behind the closed doors of a residence.  As a result of these recent homicides, four families have been devastated by the unexpected loss of their loved one in senseless acts of violence.  This is unacceptable and Birmingham deserves better.