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Media Release 60

Response to COVID-19

 Following the recommendations from The Governor’s Office of Alabama, the Birmingham Police Department is taking precautionary measures in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (corona virus). The Birmingham Police Department’s purpose is to ensure the health and safety of our police officers, staff and community members.

BPD will continue to answer calls for service. There will be no changes to the response protocol nor crime fighting efforts. Officers are encouraged to wear personal protective equipment during interactions with the general public such as traffic stops, check points and radio calls for service. It is recommended, for non-emergency calls contact (205)328-9311 or a precinct. In the event of an emergency dial 911.

North Precinct (205)254-2860                East Precinct             (205)254-2684

South Precinct (205)254-2793               West Precinct            (205)254-2862

Most importantly, we are implementing several measures to protect all employees and the community we proudly serve. All BPD community events, presentations, and programs have been postponed. Internally, Birmingham Police Department Officers and staff are encouraged to implement social distancing measures. Patrol Officers will conduct all roll calls in the field and meetings will be held via conference calls. Also, there will be no authorized meetings inside of police facilities or community rooms until further notice. In this challenging times the Birmingham Police Department will remain tactical and technically proficient while protecting the health of the community members and our employees.

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