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Statement From Birmingham Police Chief Patrick D. Smith

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick D. Smith

Today, the Birmingham Police Department investigated four separate homicides in our city.  Our prayers and condolences go out to each family, who has been impacted by this useless and unnecessary violence.  We will continue to investigate to seek justice for each victim and their family members.

I want each resident to know that the Birmingham Police Department will continue to implement measures to reduce and prevent violence in our neighborhoods. We remain committed to proactively patrolling neighborhoods, addressing daily crime trends, adjusting patrol resources to meet demand and working with the community to resolve each matter.  It is our goal to ensure local, state and federal partners work together with community stakeholders to implement further measures to reduce gun violence.  We have seen tremendous success so far this year, by removing over 2500 firearms from our streets, opening our real time crime center and appropriating new technology to curtail crime, but we all know this is not enough.  Remember, as a police department, we cannot do this alone.  We need all community members to remain vigilant community partners, who are willing to work with the police department to provide the necessary information to resolve each incident of crime.
I am urging anyone with information about aforementioned crimes to come forward to provide police with the necessary clues to resolve each case.  If you have information and would like to remain anonymous, please call Crime Stoppers at 205 254-7777, or if you would like to speak with a homicide detective, please call 205 254 1764.

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Media Release 294- Statement from Chief Patrick D. Smith