Captain Raymond Cochran

Captain Raymond Cochran was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. He is the oldest of four siblings. He currently has over 32 years of law enforcement experience, all with the Birmingham Police Department. Captain Cochran started his career as an officer at East Precinct, from there he transition to the Tactical Unit as a Solo-Motor. Upon his promotion in 2006 to sergeant, he was reassigned to North Precinct. In 2013, he was transferred to the Community Service Division and subsequently back to the Tactical.

In 2015, Captain Cochran was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and assigned as the Executive Commander of The Tactical Unit. He also severed as the Unit Commander, upon the retirement of the commander. He was temporarily transferred to West Precinct, morning shift lieutenant, before his being assigned the Vice / Narcotics Unit as the executive commander. In 2019 he was promoted to captain and assigned to South Precinct as the commander.

Captain Cochran is a retired veteran of over 29 years with the United State Military (Army Reserves). He deployed twice during his military career, Operation Iraq Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He was activated for Operation Desert Storm Desert Shield, but did not deploy overseas. He has completed all required military leadership training, PLDC, BNCOC and ANCOC.
Captain Cochran hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Miles College in Criminal Justices.