Office of Administration

Assistant Chief La’Quaylin Parhm Mack is the commander of the Office of Administration.  The Office of Administration is commanded by the Assistant Chief.  The Assistant Chief maintains financial measures, personnel strength and manages special and short term projects as directed by the Chief of Police. The Assistant Chief is also responsible for coordinating police grants with the City’s Finance Department, and hiring and promotional processes with the Human Resources Department and the Personnel Board of Jefferson County.

The Office of Administration consists of the Custody Services Division (i.e. city jail), Professional Development Division (i.e. Accreditation Section, Hiring Unit, Training Section and Firing Range), Police Payroll-Personnel Unit, Technology Division (i.e. Real Time Crime Center), Police Finance Section (i.e. Distribution Unit), Inspections Unit, Property Room and Records Management Section, and Grants and Contracts Unit.

Custody Services Division houses detainees through the establishment of a safe and secure facility while maintaining humane custody, confinement and supervision.

Professional Development Division includes the Accreditation Section, Hiring Unit, Training Section, and Firing Range. The division is responsible for training new and existing personnel, identifying personnel training issues, and recruiting and hiring.

Accreditation Section oversees, administers, and maintains the police department’s Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) accreditation.

Hiring Unit interviews applicants, conducts background investigations, and makes employment recommendations for sworn and non-sworn personnel. The Birmingham Police Department also has the Employer Partnership Program with the United States Army Reserves/National Guard for recruitment.

Training Section includes the Career Development Unit, Police Academy, and Police Firing Range. The Career Development Unit coordinates the development of the employees’ career by scheduling continuing education classes and helping with the selection of lateral transfers within the department. The Police Academy provides an intensive training program for law enforcement officers, correctional staff, and new recruits.

Firing Range provides new and refresher firearms, self-defense, tactical, and driver’s training to officers.

Police Payroll-Personnel Unit prepares, processes and maintains payroll activities (i.e. personnel time, attendance, and payroll records) and serve as a link between the employees and executive leadership.

Technology Division includes the Real Time Crime Center, Crime (RTCC), Analysis Unit and Cyber Crimes Unit. The division provides systems support, network security, maintenance of the New World Records Management System, and management of police mobile and body-worn camera videos. The RTCC was established in October 2021. The center plans, researches, and evaluates new methods, procedures and technological advancements in law enforcement. It has proven to enhance investigative measures and strengthen the BPD’s ability to combat violent crime.

Police Finance Section oversees the police department’s overall budget and financial records. The Police Finance Section also processes, completes, and submits the financial documentation required for federal reimbursement of departmental overtime costs, and other authorized expenses for various departmental operations.

Inspections Unit is comprised of Fleet Management and Building Services. The staff receives, manages, controls, and issues all police equipment including, but not limited to, vehicles, uniforms, weapons and police radios. The Unit is also responsible for conducting annual staff inspections of sworn officers and police facilities, overseeing the installation of police equipment, the safety and security of Police Headquarters, building maintenance, and conducting audits of the Property Room.

Property Room and Records Management Section includes the Property Room and Records Unit. The Records Unit ensures all incident, offense, supplement and intelligence reports are entered into the New World System in a timely and accurate manner. The staff sorts, scans, and indexes incoming reports, and processes FBI/NCIC record checks, fingerprints, and insurance and background check requests. The Records Management Section is also responsible for monthly validations, filing and maintaining the security of juvenile reports, and receiving payment for report fees, fingerprint requests, and taxi/limousine license fees.

The Property Room includes the Property Room and Property Desk. After property is received and invoiced at the Property Desk it is transferred to a secure location. All data is entered into the computer for tracking and retrieval.

Grants and Contracts Unit coordinates the pre-award planning, organization, preparation, and the post-award administration of various grants to ensure effective grant management and compliance. The roles and responsibilities of staff involved in grants complement one another and contribute to securing external funds.