North Precinct

North Precinct
2600 31st Ave North
Birmingham, AL 35207
(205) 254-2860

Commanding Officer
Captain Edmond Hanks

North Precinct covers an approximate 41 square miles and is home to 17 neighborhoods including Norwood, Collegeville, Fountain Heights and Evergreen just to name a few.  North Precinct serves residential, business, industrial and tourist’s areas.  It is the northern most geographical division of the Birmingham Police Department and borders the City of Fultondale, City of Tarrant as well as Birmingham’s West End and Ensley neighborhoods.  North Precinct is staffed with 95 police officers, all of whom work closely with the community to combat violent crime and improve the quality of life for citizens, business leaders and visitors alike.

North Precinct is home to the historic downtown areas including the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, The 16th St. Baptist Church, Redmont Hotel, Legion Field, Alabama Theater, Lyric Theater and Carver Theater.  In addition to the historical district, North Precinct covers a large entertainment district that encompasses the Uptown area, the newly renovated Birmingham Jefferson Civic Complex, the newly built Protective Life Stadium, Railroad Park, Top Golf and the soon to be City Walk.