East Precinct

East Precinct
600 Red Lane Road
Birmingham, AL 35206

Commanding Officer
Captain Julie Quigley-Vining

East Precinct covers an area approximately 50 square miles and a population of approximately 81,000 residents. The precinct is responsible for the Woodlawn Community and borders with the cities of Centerpoint, Trussville, Tarrant, Mountain Brook and Irondale. The East Precinct provides services to a very diverse socio-economic community and is comprised of single-family dwellings, public and private apartment complexes and numerous businesses. There are also two major hospitals located within the East Precinct. The East Precinct has officers assigned to patrol beats, a Crime Reduction Task Force (which targets specific crime problems within the Precinct), business bicycle beats, HICOPP, and the Airport Precinct. Currently the Weed and Seed Project is working in the East Precinct. This project involves officers and residents working to reduce criminal activity and revitalize specific distressed neighborhoods.

The East Precinct maintains the Airport Precinct located at the Fred Shuttlesworth International Airport. The Airport Precinct’s primary functions include assisting passengers, visitors, and airport personnel as well as promoting safety and preventing criminal activity within the airport complex. The airport precinct enforces federal laws and regulations regarding the boarding of passengers to prevent weapons or potential weapons from being carried on board, and conducts general patrols at the airport including FAA installations such as radar sites and approach lights. The Airport Unit enforces traffic ordinances at the airport, assists citizens and controls disturbances. The Airport Precinct coordinates with the Airport Authority and the Transportation Safety Administration to resolve any problems that arise at the airport.