West Precinct

Captain Sean Edwards presides over the West Precinct located at 2236 47th Street Ensley, Birmingham, AL 35208, 205-254-2683.

The precinct covers approximately 65 square miles and has over 80,000 residents.  West Precinct has 39 communities.  The 5-Points West shopping area, new construction at Fair Park and the future home of the new West Precinct are a part of a growing community.  Rickwood Field is also historic home of the Black Barons baseball team. Ensley and Pratt City are historic sites of the coal-mining era in Birmingham.  The West Precinct is the home of The Function at the Junction.  The annual Jazz Festival is dedicated to one of Ensley’s own, “Erskine Hawkins”.  The event is held in the park that bears his name.

Officers of the West Precinct are not only assigned to patrol vehicles, they are also assigned to bikes, T3s and Smart cars. The West Precinct’s Task Force works with the Department’s Detective Bureau and with several Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (FBI, U.S. Marshall, and ATF) in a cooperative effort to apprehend high profile suspects, fleeing felons, organized gangs, and homicide suspects.

Jan – Feb 2019