West Precinct

West Precinct
2236 47th Street
Birmingham, AL  35208

Commanding Officer
Captain Curtis Mitchell, Jr.

West Precinct covers an area approximately 65 square miles and it covers 37 neighborhoods including Ensley, Roosevelt City, Wylam, Pratt City, Brownsville, and Powderly that make up some of the communities that are covered by the precinct. The West Precinct covers the biggest territory of all the precincts. It is surrounded by the cities of Midfield, Fairfield, Hueytown, Adamsville, Pleasant Grove, and Bessemer. West Precinct has a good working relationship with these surrounding municipalities, police and fire departments. West Precinct Police officers are aimed at reducing the violent crime and improving the relationship with its citizens, community leaders with our CPO, and its businesses that operate in our coverage. The West Task Force is focused on the illegal narcotics and illegal guns in the communities of West Precinct to help reduce the violent crime.

West Precinct had moved from the historic Ensley business district which now resides in the 5Pts West District. This area includes shopping stores, restaurants, and a hotel that’s located across the street from the precinct. The Crossplex and the Bill Harris Arena which is staffed with West Precinct officers are also within the coverage. These venues are also located across from the precinct that host sporting events, seminars, meetings, concerts, and other events. The precinct also covers the historic Arlington House and Princeton Hospital that is just minutes away from West Precinct.