Deputy Chief Sheila Frazier-Finney is the commander of the Investigative Operations Bureau.  The Investigative Operations Bureau is comprised of a Deputy Chief, an Administrative Assistant (Captain) and four Divisions Commanders (Captains):  Crimes against Persons, Crimes against Property, Special Victims and, Vice/Narcotics Division. Others sub-units within the various commands are: Court Liaison, Crime stoppers, and the Investigative Task Forces such as the U. S. Marshall Fugitive Task Force, Crime Reduction Team (CRT), Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The Crimes against Persons Division is comprised of Robbery, Homicide, and Project ICE (Isolate the Criminal Element).  The Robbery Division investigates all robberies, prepares follow-up reports and presents evidence in court.

The Homicide Division investigates all homicides, kidnappings, felony assaults, and other crimes physically committed against persons; prepares follow-up reports and presents evidence in court. The Homicide Unit includes the Sex Crime Unit, the Crime Reduction Team (CRT) and the Cold Case Unit. The Sex Crimes Unit investigates all sexual related offenses, prepares follow-up reports and presents evidence in court.  The Cold Case Unit investigates all homicides that go unsolved which is at least one year old and the initial investigator is no longer assigned to the unit.

Project ICE (Isolate Criminal Element) works in conjunction with the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau and investigates state and federal firearms violations. ICE performs criminal histories on citizens requesting release of firearms in police custody.

The Crimes Against Property Division is comprised of Burglary, Auto Theft, and Major Fraud Unit. The Burglary Division is also comprised of both the Arson Unit and Pawn Shop Detail.

The Burglary Division investigates property crimes, prepares follow-up reports and presents evidence in court.

The Arson Unit investigates arson cases in cooperation with the Fire Marshall.

The Pawn Shop Detail verifies all property pawned, locates and identifies suspects pawning and selling stolen merchandise. The detail enforces city and state laws regulating pawn shops and gold and silver dealers.

Auto Theft Division investigates thefts of motor vehicles, identifies recovered and altered vehicles, prepares follow-up reports and presents evidence in court. The Auto Theft Division coordinates the City’s wrecker services, checks impounded vehicles, and notifies owner of recovered vehicles. The division investigates applications for junk yards and issues licenses for those who qualify as well.

The Major Fraud Unit investigates financial crimes that occur in the city limits of Birmingham. Detectives in this unit investigate and present cases for court involving Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Check Forgery, Insurance Fraud and Theft of Property. Major Fraud Detectives often work closely with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in order to solve these types of crimes.

Major Fraud Detectives also work diligently to educate the public on ways to prevent becoming victims of identity theft. Please click on the identity theft “quick link” on this website to read some valuable information on keeping your financial information safe from thieves and scammers.

The Special Victims Division is comprised of four units: Juvenile Unit, Domestic Violence, Project SAFE and Youth Services.

The Juvenile Unit, educates the public on street gang recognition investigates all misdemeanor crimes involving victims and/or suspects under the age of 18 years and acts of abuse against minor children. The unit also investigates and prepares follow-up reports on missing persons of all ages. In addition, the unit enforces all laws and municipal ordinances involving animals such as: animal cruelty, animal neglect/abandonment, dog bites and works with the Humane Society and Animal Control to educate the public on animals’ related issues.

Domestic Violence Unit collaborates and working in conjunction with Project SAFE to investigate domestic violence incidents, prepares follow-up reports and presents evidence in court.

Project SAFE (Stopping Abuse in the Family Environment) provides services to individuals, families and groups affected by domestic and family violence. The goal of the program is to reduce the recidivism rate of domestic violence in the city of Birmingham by providing on-site operational support to victims and offenders.

Youth Services coordinates and supervises crime prevention for youth and administers the SRO (School Resource Officer), PAT (Police Athletic Team), GREAT (Gang Resistance Education and Training), and the Explorer Programs.

Victim Liaison Unit is dedicated to improving the treatment of crime victims and survivors of violent crime. The unit assists victims, survivors, family members and businesses who experience violent crime or trauma.

Crime Stoppers is an ongoing program involving members of the Birmingham Area community, in partnership with the media and law enforcement, to provide crime-solving assistance to law enforcement. Cash rewards are offered to anonymous persons who telephone the Crime Stoppers hot line at 205-254-7777 or submit an ONLINE TIP with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for felony offenses.

The Vice Narcotics Division  investigates all drug related offenses, prepares follow-up reports, and presents evidence in court. In addition, the Vice/Narcotics Division investigates applicants and premises relative to issuance of licenses and permits for liquor, pool tables, bingo, video and arcade game machines, dancers, investigates complaints and enforces laws concerning prostitution, illegal alcohol sales, gambling, pornography, bingo and related vice activities.

The Technical Surveillance Unit is responsible for making training videos and provides technical audio-video intercept and photographic support to other units and City agencies as needed.

The Tactical Operations Precinct is comprised of the Birmingham Police Department’s SWAT Team, Canine Unit, Crime Reduction Team, Motor Scouts, Traffic Homicide Investigations and Explosive Ordinance Disposal.