Deputy Chief Onree Pruitt is the commander of the (Patrol) Field Operations Bureau.

Field Operations Bureau is comprised a Deputy Chief, Administrative Captain and Captains that command the North, South, East and West Precincts.  Professional staff members include the Crime Prevention Officers (CPO) and Community Service Officers (CSO).

The Field Operations Bureau is the uniformed enforcement arm of the Birmingham Police Department. Our goal is to reduce crime in the City of Birmingham and enhance the quality of life of our citizens, business owners and guests.

The FOB is comprised of four precincts and is commanded by a Captain. The following is a list of the Captains and their respective command:

North Precinct – Captain Edmond Hanks
South Precinct – Captain Joe Roberts
East Precinct – Captain Julie Quigley-Vining
West Precinct – Captain Curtis Mitchell, Jr.

The North, South, East and West precincts conduct preventive patrols in residential areas and business districts, monitor traffic and enforce traffic laws, investigate accidents, respond to calls for service, conduct preliminary investigations of reported crimes, arrest criminal violators, suppress disturbances, serve warrants and subpoenas, present testimony and evidence in court, investigate citizen complaints and serve the citizens, business owners and guests of the City of Birmingham as needed.

All four precincts have professional staff members that assist the Field Operations Bureau with providing service to the community. These specialized units include the Crime Prevention Officers and Community Service Officers.

The Crime Prevention Officers (CPO) are civilian employees that perform community relations related activities by providing crime prevention information and conducting security surveys of homes and businesses.

The Community Service Officers (CSO) are certified social workers that provide services to mentally ill, indigent and challenged individuals. They also aid victims of domestic violence by assisting them with housing and related family needs.

The precincts also have Task Forces, which are comprised of sworn police officers that are assigned to address specific problems or issues that have been identified through crime statistics and citizen complaints.