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Motto:  Commitment.Excellence.Integrity

Mission:  It is the mission of the Birmingham Police Department to provide the highest quality of police services by partnering with the community to build trust, reduce crime and improve the quality of life. We serve our citizens with respect and protect the lives, property and constitutional rights of all.

Vision:  Professional police services that improve the quality of life by reducing crime, building trust and strengthening community partnerships.

Core Values:

Respect – Honoring public safety obligations to the community with due regard and showing empathy for those we serve.
Effectiveness – Doing our best to understand each situation and serve the public with the right resources.
Accountability – Being responsible, honest and credible, while working to achieve excellence in conduct and appearance at all times, and being receptive to feedback.
Leadership  –  Demonstrating proficiency and unwavering fortitude while performing duties and mentoring fellow officers.



The City of Birmingham, founded on December 19th, 1871, is the largest municipal government in the State of Alabama.  Our city encompasses over 146 square miles and is located in Jefferson and Shelby counties.  Our police department, also the largest in the state, is comprised of 912 sworn officers and 325 professional staff.  We serve a population of over 212,000 citizens in a metro area of over 1.1 million.

The Birmingham Police Department is a progressive law enforcement agency that has embraced modern technology along with forming a strong partnership with our citizens and businesses to provide a more safe community environment and promote robust business growth.

The Birmingham Police Department is comprised of three major bureaus; the Administrative Bureau, Field Operations Bureau and Investigative Bureau.  These three bureaus work together in a highly professional collaboration to provide our citizens with many of the preeminent modern police services available in the nation.  We are also honored to be a partner in the 2015 National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice with the U.S. Department of Justice.



The command staff forms the core administration of the Birmingham Police Department. The Chief of Police is the head of administration. He is responsible for managing and directing the overall operations of the department. The chief’s executive staff includes the Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief of Investigative Operations and Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations.

In this section you will find more information on the Chief of Police, Scott Thurmond and the Birmingham Police Department’s Executive Staff, as well as, Unit, Division and Shift Commanders.


Captain Frank Alexander II
Custody Services Division Commander
Captain Janice Blackwell
Community Engagement Liaison
Captain Raymond Cochran
Crimes Against Property Commander
Captain Shelia Finney
Community Safety Partnership

Captain Harry Greenberg
Forensic Science Division Commander
Captain Edmond Hanks
North Precinct Commander
Captain James Jackson
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Chief of Police
Captain Torry Mack
Tactical Operations Precinct Commander

Captain Curtis Mitchell Jr.
West Precinct Commander
Captain Michelle Pruitt
Property and Records Management Division
Captain Onree Pruitt
Vice/Narcotics Commander
Captain Julie Quigley-Vining
East Precinct Commander

Captain Joe Roberts
South Precinct Commander
Captain David Rockett
Internal Affairs Division Commander
Captain Michael Sellers
Crimes Against Person Division Commander